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police say murder victim steven carr was shot to death inside his home sunday night by a neighbor, david patton and he lied around the corner reportedly upset by this speed bump that carr lobbied to get in front of his house on field master drive. >> it's really sad and unfortunate to think that people can fly off the handle that much over just a speed bump. >> reporter: police say carr and his girlfriend were watching tv around 10:00 sunday night when patton came through the front door with a gun, forced them to the floor, bound their hands with zip ties and shot and killed carr when he tried to get free. carr's roommate eventually showed up and was ordered to the ground and when he ran from the house and the suspect gave chase, the girlfriend ran to an upstairs bathroom, locked the door and called 911. >> incredible. incredulous. don't believe it, you know. >> reporter: this next door neighbor said he knew somebody was upset about the speed bump.
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>> that went over for a period of weeks. they would go by and honk at night. >> reporter: on june 11th, patton and carr got into it outside of the house. >> he was going to drive into the driveway and they blocked his way and talked and he fine tale got in and i think the man got in and after that, he took him to court. >> reporter: patton was charged with misdemeanor assault. the court date scheduled for this thursday and when police searched the home, they discovered a gun box for a ruther and deputy's badge. and there is no explaining for that but patton is not and was not a current or former employee of the fairfax county police department and they do say when patton was arrested, he was carrying a back pack and inside was a gun. the zip ties, likeplastic
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handcuffs, brian, and duct tape. a fight between two dogs in adams morgan ended with a d.c. officer shooting one. sheila martin silva claims her bischon was attacked by a pit bull mix. her dog is recovering. the man grabbed the dog and handed it badgeback to her. he was fostering the pit bull mix parrot and claims he had the situation under control when a d.c. officer arrived on the scene. >> officer fike grabbed -- threw my dog down, landed half on this upper triangle shape and on the ground o his back and spew. he ran to the top of the stairs and shot and killed my dog. >> i think the police did the right thing. the dog is aggressive, and i saw the dog biting. >> d.c. police say the shooting appears to have been justified. a hazmat scare on capitol hill today. part of the capitol building was evacuated after a powdery
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substance was found in the house of the visitor's gallery. capitol police cleared the area as a precaution and authorities determined the suspect -- substance was not hazardous and gave the all clear less than an hour later. and from sun up to sun down, it's campaign time and polls close at 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. karen gray houston is back from the campaign trail trail and is live with the latest. >> reporter: incumbent democrat adrian fenty and vincent gray are running on fumes and they trying to rack up undecided votes. at this hour on that southwest waterfront, fenty getting an endorsement in the southeast from the go go community. it started during the morning rush hour for the mayor and on the corner of georgia avenue and missouri. it's ward 4 and fenty hoping to
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hold on. the challenger is in front by seven points. the council chairman turned up. most showed up. mayor fenty missed the rally and his people said that he was out campaigning elsewhere and he did turn up early on the board of elections -- elections on this last day of early voting. >> i'm going to campaign and ask people to vote because of the great record that we have been able to put together the past four years. whoever has the best manager and record, should win the elect. >> we're out touching people and talking to people. i came here for the democratic state committee rally and we're going to get out and talked to people. >> both candidates dubbed by accusations of possible vote buying by supporters. the board of elections and ethics is looking into that and. it shows gray ahead. he like fenty insisting now the
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only poll that counts is the one taken on election day. and caro gant and aloof, two words constituents describe fenty during his time in office. coming up tonight at 6:15 in a few minutes, my one-on-one interview with the mayor as he trys to repair his image. and president obama pushing the hard sell in fairfax, virginia. he continues to talk up his new plan to jump start the economy and, elections a month and a half away, conservatives are keeping up their call. >> reporter: it's not every day that the president of the united states comes driving down your street. but in this fairfax neighborhood, the president's handling of the economy spa, differences. >> i support him. >> a beautiful neighborhood. >> reporter: president obama
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spoke in a backyard in front of 30 fairfax home owners. >> we stopped the bleeding, stabilized the economy. the fact of the matter is that the pace of improvement has not been where it needs to be. >> reporter: several at the event set up by the white house sounded impatient with that pace. >> and i know that we're starting to improve and jobs are coming back, how long do you think this is going take? >> reporter: with the election six weeks away, the white house is trying to show it's working hard on the economy and part of that are coming into neighborhoods like this and pushing for a tax cut. >> we could get that done this week. we're still in the wrestling match with john boehner. >> reporter: in fact, boehner offered to support the ritpresident's plan. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i will vote for
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them. >> reporter: some say with democrats controlling congress and the white house, it's getting harder for the president to blame republicans for the economy. >> the democrats, however, have been in office now four years. unemployment has gone from 4.6% to nearly 10%. >> reporter: numbers that could prove costly. in fairfax, virginia, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> and that crash that took the life of a nun is igniting a debate. and on the edge, why an accused airline bomber will be his own attorney. and the family of an american hiker making a passionate plea after her wrong demands -- iran demands a half million for her release. we'll be right back.
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>> item gas station officials are getting tougher now with the illegal jim grants arrested for drink driving. this comes after the death of a catholic nun. last week, a grand jury indicted carlos montano for felony murder. immigration officials say illegal immigrants arrested will no longer be allowed to post basement and the accused christmas day bomber fired his court-appointed lawyers. he made his first court appearance today since january and during the 15-minute court proceeding, he asked the judge about the process to plead guilty to come of the charges. the nigerian man is accused of trying to set off explosives on a flight heading for detroit on christmas day. the judge urged him not to fire
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the lawyers and agreed to the request. the family of an american hiker waiting for freedom in iran wants her bail reduced. the swiss diplomats are asking iran to drop a half million bail for sarah shurd family can't afford it. the iranian officials granted her bale over the weekend because of her health problems. she and two friends are accused of spying and have been in jail for a year now. can mayor fenty overcome the issues some constituents have with his public image. >> we have heard and in this campaign people want me to be more engaging and accessible. still ahead, my one-on-one introduce with the mayor. now in the fight for his political life. first, we see politicians come to blows before. how about these legislators in thailand? stick to the -- to promote traditional kickboxing. both of these guys are in the 60s and used to be professional six booker -- kickboxers. kickboxing has a long history in thailand and abrought.
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blam abroad.
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mayor -- mayor fenty facing down accusations of being aloof and out of touch. trying to change that, the reputation in the final hours before elect day, but do his words match his actions? fenty spent hours by himself running a triathalon yesterday while vincent gray pressed the
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flesh in church and he showed up over an hour late whole promising a more engage response of administration and tomorrow, it will be up to the people to decide if mayor fenty is a changed man. all right. yeah. go redskins. mayor fenty is a politician with a political problem. image. in the bizarre position before election day of using his substance to defend his style. >> there was not one time when we were making the decisions around consolidating schools or laying off employees or changing the taxi cabs from zones to meters that we thought we were going to be able to maintain the same level of political popularity. >> when you look at the decisions that you have made and how, perhaps, you could have made them more palatable or communicated them better so you didn't come across as a lot of people have pore pray --
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portrayed you now, which is arrogant and aloof to the process and people. how are voters supposed to trust you going down the road? >> i got elected four years ago, you know, what was my, you know, campaign's -- [ indiscernible ] we were going to run a thousand miles out, run the government private sector business and maximize efficiency and performance. >> in reality, you're not the ceo per say. the ceos are operated, the women of the board. you operated the women, the people and ceos don't have to have a good public relations campaign as you do. >> we need to involve people more and engage them more. they need to feel that even when we're making a tough decision, even when i am leaning, which is what may -- leading, what mayors are elected to do, i'm hearing both sides of the issues. >> reporter: when asked what he would have done differently the last four years, he didn't have
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an answer and only that he promises to do more. >> we have heard in this campaign that people want me to be more engaging and accessible and to almost be, you know, a better connector. and we doll that going forward. >> reporter: the polls indicate turnout and will make or break his re-election bid. the poll shows a heavy african- american turnout will boot fenty out of office and he knows that. he goes back to what he believes is the heart of his re- election problem. >> maybe in the african- american community despite the results and effectiveness of the government as saying and, again, i heard this door-to- door, do an even better job connecting, engaging and that is what we have grown to expect. from not just mayors but other leaders and i hear them. i understand where i have fallen short. >> mayor fenty's opponent
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vincent gray talked to fox 5 about why he should be the city's next mayor and sat back with shawn yancy for the one-on- one interview and it's on our website. see it by going to and click on the politics page. >> stay with fox 5 and for complete coverage and primary election day. we'll be there every step of the way along with the candidates tomorrow. our team coverage including live reports, poll results and more starts on the fox 5 morning mews -- news at 4:25 a.m. we have badly-needed rain yesterday and we're back to santa perfection here in d.c. we're going to have another beautiful week here. in fact, a weak front may come through late tonight and tomorrow. the only thing igoing to do is to drop the humidity and kick up the breezes. the tropics are hot and igor is a category 4 with winds of 150 miles an hour and the third strongest hurricane in the
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atlantic. the strong nest three years. so, a big deal and there is also tropical storm julia behind that and we have a little bit more good news and that is some rain in the forecast and that is late wednesday and thursday. meanwhile, temperatures today, got kind of warm, 85 degrees and you didn't notice it as much and that is low for this time of the year. hanging in there. 81, gaithersburg; 83, washington. 79 in annapolis. a couple of clouds here and there and not much to speak of around here and we'll watch for this dry front to cross the area tomorrow. now, we did pick up about 2/3 of an inch of rain yesterday. badly needed. we could more. the high pressure is going to blockian out. late in the week, a second front coming on through and that may give us a chance of a few showers and all things considered, that is going to be a dry week. a few clouds, suburbs in the mid-50s and 63 degrees in
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downtown d.c. and mostly sunny, a bit of a breeze. the winds out of the northwest of 10 to 15 and breezier than today and that means there won't be fog. cooler than today and a sunny, breezy tuesday and just beautiful. by noon, 78; by 4:00, 82 degrees and we want to show you what is happening in terms of the timing for rain and tomorrow, a mild day and into the latter part of the weeks, wednesday still looking good and tuesday and wednesday, gorgeous. showers into the thursday night timeframe and we may see the showers around. a lot of times they don't hold up that well and we hope that they deliver. and this is hurricane i gor and that is 300 miles northeast of the leeward island and hoping it's not going to hit land and
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that is going to be a close call for bermuda and something to watch the track is going to take it, we hope, away from the east coast and we have to continue to watch it. that doesn't happen until the weekend. this is the forecast, including the first half of the weekend. dry with showers possible on thursday and an early shower into friday and mostly it's just beautiful weather, brian, and the showers that we do get, i think, are going to be spotty late thursday and into friday. >> thank you, sue. >> a bit of breaking news on the red line. the wheaton station is shut down and passengers are not being allowed to get on or off. the train's in that station because the escalators and elevators are out of service and that shuttle bus service is requested. again, the wheaton station, the passengers can get on and off. causing a bit of a message. and the redskins, the talk of the town. dave feldman is live now. >> reporter: all right, could have gone either way but went the right way. y that perfect in the division
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and they beat the dreaded cowboys. what mike shanahan said went write rite and what went wrong. next.
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more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman live at redskins park. mike shanahan knows how to make a good first impression, beating the dallas cowboys in the first game on national television and wins the first division game for a team that didn't win one all of last year. he was asked the mike shanahan
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football and said hopefully mike shanahan football has a better offensive output. the defense was good and this is what happened last night at fed ex field. first quarter, the redskins 3rd and 7 at the cowboys 34. donovan mcnabb takes off running. a game setting up the field- goal and mcnabb completed less than 50% of the passes and the offense failed to find the end zone. the defense with four seconds before the half. tony romo pitches -- stripped by d. hall and diangelo goes 2/3 at the house. the momentum shifter and to three cents left, cowboys fail 13-7. and romo to roy williams for the touchdown. and all dallas needs is an extra point to win the game and it's over. not so fast, my friend. holding is called. the chokehold on him. he did it all game. game over and the redskins win 13-7, in a game with that much
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offense. >> offensively, we didn't get the job done. made enough plays and grief the ball and -- and moved the ball and have to finish it. >> there is one think this that matters and that is fine a way to vitamin. it doesn't happen all the time. the next day or next few days, we'll go back and figure out the things we could have done better after winning or losing. >> reporter: after all the drama surround is-- surrounding albert haines worth and the speculations about the role he would play, big al played mostly in spurts and seeing the action and 16th snaps from the first three quarters, mostly at nose tackle and after the game, he was asked if he was okay with the way he was used to get the cowboys. >> in a situation, it's what it is. i was in a nickle package, you know, and i did my job out there. you kind of played -- and harder to get out the line out
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there when you are going in? >> i am not a quarterback. it's different for me. i'm trying to get used to it. >> it's not my decision. i'm just the player. >> well, doesn't get easier next week. the redskins host the texans from houston who received a franchise record 231-yard rushing performance from foster and a 34-24 home win over the colts. foster, rushed for three touchdowns and houston threw 5 passes in the second half. the second win over indianapolis in 17 games and the redskins, very familiar with these guys. kyle shanahan was the offensive coordinator, gary cube backworked for the -- gary kubiak worked for the coach. >> see you here at news edge at 11.
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